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Inspired by a physician, in recovery. Admired by those who eschew alcohol. Applauded by home cooks and chefs from around the world. We proudly introduce The Dry Gourmet: Cooking Wines … Made Better.

The Dry Gourmet has discovered a low-temperature dehydration process that preserves the flavor, aroma, and color of wine, while removing the alcohol and water. The result is a beautiful cooking wine, full of flavor, easy to use, with a shelf life of one year. All without adding any salt or preservatives.

The Dry Gourmet enables novel approaches to cooking with wine, and we’re just discovering the possibilities.


The Red

The Dry Gourmet, Dry Red Wine starts as a fruity, medium-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon. We then gingerly pull the complex flavors and aromas out of the bottle and send the alcohol and water on its way. The result is a fine beautiful powder, the color of love’s first blush. Our Dry Red Wine will please the eye, as well as the palette, and add the essence of a fine red wine to your kitchen.

The White

The Dry Gourmet, Dry White Wine begins its life as a Sauvignon Blanc. Grown in a cooler clime, which allows the grapes to remain on the vine longer, our Dry White Wine delivers the crisp and dry flavors you would expect. With great care and low temperatures we separate this refreshing wine from the water and alcohol. What remains is an alabaster powder, full of delight for your next culinary adventure.

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